No Kill Shelter

Odie’s Sanctuary Animal Center No Kill Shelters Campaign: A Fundraising Campaign to Help Stray Dogs Have a Second Chance in Life
Odie’s Sanctuary Animal Center started its No Kill Shelters Campaign to help give stray dogs a second chance in life. The campaign aims to raise money from people who love dogs. The proceeds of the fundraising campaign will be used to create an amazing sanctuary for stray dogs and provide these creatures with a second opportunity to live a better life that they deserve.
Odie’s Sanctuary Animal Shelter is created to honor Otis, a stray dog that needed a shelter. Otis has passed away and his parents, Kerrie and Brian Harrington, are dedicated to helping stray dogs like Otis live a better life. They have launched a fundraising campaign to acquire the funds needed to build a sanctuary with a better living environment for these animals.
The life of stray cats and dogs is not easy and they suffer from great physical abuse when caught by people who do not have a kind hearted heart. Run away and abandoned pets also suffer the same fate as stray animals. The South Coast has more than a thousand of stray cats and dogs living in the streets and many of the have been caught and suffered mercy killing. When Odie’s Sanctuary Animal Shelter is realized, many of them will eventually find their way on the shelter. 
The campaign aims to raise $30,000 to be used to realize this project. The money that will be acquired will be used for purchasing land to build the sanctuary and expenses for constructing the center, veterinary care, and utilities. This project will not be realized until all the animal loving people contribute and make this project succeed.
South Coast Massachusetts has a large number of stray animals such as cats and dogs that need shelter. But, the majority of animal shelters in the South Coast have kill policies. The primary reason for this is that the shelter is overcrowded. To give room for incoming onslaught, well behaved and perfectly healthy animals are killed.
In the event that Odie’s Sanctuary Animal Shelter project is realized, it will have a No Kill Policy. The sanctuary will provide a temporary shelter for each stray animal until they are adopted by kind hearted people. People are encouraged to share the message to the world as an act of supporting this campaign.